HeroEngine for Educators

HeroEngine for Educators

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    Idea Fabrik is committed to supporting continued education. We are focused on helping educators and students to learn about multi-player and massively multi-player game development from the basics of world design to the intricacies of programming and scripting.   

    By using HeroEngine, students open new opportunities to apply the skills they learn in class to their own projects and through advancement in their future career.

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Main advantages of HeroEngine and HeroCloud services for educators:
  • All-in-one MMO development environment, with fully integrated server, database, account management and cloud support.
  • Students and educators are able to get started on development in real time without the worry of setting up servers, reversion software (Git, Perforce) and other time consuming tasks.
  • Students and educators are able to collaborate in real time with classmates, friends, and educators, providing a more in-depth and hands on approach.
  • Many leading game development tools have already been integrated into HeroCloud: SpeedTree, FMod, FaceGen, and many more.

classroom    We believe in team-based development experience, where 3d Artists, World Builders, Scripters and Programmers are working together as one unit in real-time environment. The ease of a real-time cloud-based service makes it possible to work on projects anytime from anywhere in the world.  In addition, our development environment allows project managers, publishers, advertisers, developers and educators to actively participate and monitor the development process from any location, not just from the classroom or the studio‚Äôs offices.

     As part of our increasing awareness campaigns, we are open to any questions you may have on how we can become part of your educational process. MMO games represent a very important and growing part of the game industry. With HeroEngine, your students will be able to learn not only how to use tools and design standards, but also how to work in teams, share tasks, track progress and even launch a real MMO game!