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Licensing Options Available for Every Budget

HeroEngine is a development team’s dream come true — it streamlines the entire process of building your online game. Artists, world builders, scripters, game designers, producers, and customer service can all collaborate live, online, in real-time. Create and update your game faster, with more time to focus on the fun rather than waiting for code to crunch. Build the game and play it at the same time to see instant results.

HeroEngine in the Cloud

HeroCloud significantly reduces the cost of developing an online game.  For as low as $99 a year, developers and studios gain access to HeroEngine in the cloud. We handle and pay for all hosting and bandwidth during development and when your game goes live.  Integrated global billing options through Visa PlaySpan so you can monetize your game from day one. Take advantage of our priority support, including customizable template words. Once live, keep 70% of any game revenues your game makes. Ready to get started?


NOTICE: These current price packages are correct, however the seat information on the account page hasn't been updated yet. When your world is built, you will have the correct number of seats as reflected below!


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