HeroEngine and HeroCloud Tech Features


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HeroCloud gets you a license to the


For as low as $99 per year


The only true complete development platform for online games. HeroEngine seamlessly integrates the entire client and server architecture required to operate an online game directly into the development process. 

This means that your developers are immediately online making your games!


tech image2Trusted by the biggest game studios

EA, Bioware, and ZeniMax Online demand the best technology for developing and maintaining their online games. HeroEngine is the tech solution they’ve all chosen to build some of their biggest title games.  Join hundreds of developers all around the world, build your game online in the HeroCloud!



biz he1Focus on building your game, not the back end

Powerful and scalable server infrastructure is integrated directly into the HeroEngine game development tools, allowing for massive savings in time, risk, and resources.
Real time updates

Game development happens in real time!  No builds, no client restarts – create your game in real-time and get instant feedback. Enjoy rapid prototyping and easy collaboration whether you are in the same room or across the world.  Switch from building to playing instantly and see your work come to life!
Best support in the business

Our wiki is completely documented and constantly updated. Access the same engineers that built the engine through our forums.



biz he2Ramp up quickly

We’ve included a full games worth of example code as a reference to get up to speed fast. Our wiki also has open-sourced examples for every type of game.

Build any kind of online game

You may think of HeroEngine with MMO-RPGs in mind, but now the engine architecture allows you to build any type of online game; from hardcore to casual, shooters, strategy games, almost anything you can imagine. You get complete control over all server and client dynamics because only HeroEngine’s scripting language is optimized for online games! And a lot more... HeroEngine has all the tools you would expect from a modern game engine – world building and scripting, 3D rendering, physics, and so much more! For an in-depth look at all the tech features in HeroEngine, read more here. Source code licenses are also available upon request.