Frequently Asked Questions About HeroCloud

Below are answers to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about HeroCloud.  If your question isn’t answered below, or here and you need more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long after I purchase the HeroEngine can I start using the HeroCloud service?

It generally takes up to two (2) business days to set up your world. Though sometimes it can be as little as one (1) day. You will receive an email once your world is built and ready for you to log in and start building your game.

What if I do not receive an email within those two business days?

If two business days have passed and you have not received your email, please check your spam box first. If you cannot locate it and cannot log into your world, please email support from the email address you registered with, and include your world name.


How fast can I build and launch a game using the HeroCloud service?

Really fast.  We’ve seen small teams build playable demos in 30 days and playable prototypes in 90 days.  In today’s economic environment we recommend building just enough game to make things interesting, then letting players in.  HeroEngine allows you to keep building content and game play after the game ships and then stream it to your players.  This way you can build your MMO the most efficient way – by focusing design and development on what your players are actually using and enjoying.  With HeroCloud you can build a rich 3D game using the low cost agile methodology of people building Facebook or iPhone games.  In fact you soon will be able to build Facebook and iPhone games with HeroEngine!

What is the difference between HeroCloud and HeroEngine?

The short answer: HeroEngine is the tech that let’s you develop an online game. HeroCloud is the out-of-the-box solution that includes HeroEngine and everything else you need to launch your game online.

HeroCloud is a service that includes HeroEngine, hosting, and billing.  It is designed primarily for independent developers as well as educators, corporate and government simulation builders, and other projects.  By licensing HeroCloud your team accesses a full implementation of HeroEngine running somewhere in the Internet “cloud” so your team can access it anywhere and so you don’t need to worry about hosting, configuration management, or other annoying distractions from developing your game.

How do I get started once I sign up?  Is there documentation and training?  How about sample code and assets?

Once you sign up we will give you access to the HeroEngine documentation Wiki that covers everything you should need to know about HeroEngine.  There is also an robust community forums so you can share questions, answers, tips & tricks with other HeroCloud developers.  You also get full access to reference worlds of example games: SpaceShooter, MMO, FPS, Social Farm Game, all of which include art and scripts so you can see how we’ve used it ourselves.

I’ve built some of my game with HeroCloud and now (insert name of major game publisher) is interested, but they want to use their own data center and billing system.  Plus they don’t want to pay your royalty.  What can I do?

Contact sales to get a HeroEngine source license to transfer your game from the HeroCloud to your own servers.

Do I need licenses for any third party software to use HeroCloud?

We have purchased licenses from Awesomium, RAD Game Tools, SpeedTree, DPVS Umbra, FMOD and FaceGen for you.  You can use these tools in HeroCloud only.  More details in the wiki or via this press release.

My game is not an MMO RPG, it’s a shooter.  Is HeroCloud the way to go?

HeroCloud lets you build games that look any way you want.  The art direction of our existing assets more “realistic”, but you could create a cartoony style, or build art for a game set in the modern world or the future.  We have hundreds of teams developing dozens of different types of games from MMO’s to mobas to RTS to social to FPS to space simulation, and every type of hybrid in between.

The only real requirement is that all games have a client and a server – the user has to be connected to the network and the server for the system to work.

Have more questions?

We’ve created a post on our public forums that literally answers all of the questions we’ve ever gotten.  If you still have questions,  just add a comment on the forum and we’ll make sure to answer it!