HeroEngine news

Farmer3D is Greenlit on Steam
We want to give a big congratulations to Farmer3D and their team. Their game was Greenlit on Steam Friday, 21 October.  Their new website will be live in the next few weeks, along with more

July-August Updates
    We have a small update and some exciting news!  As many know development of D3D11 has been underway and we have begun the first steps of alpha testing. This can take some time as we at Idea

HeroEngine's new site is live
You may have seen the demo, and with the communities help and hard work from the HE team, our new site is live! Our core focus was to bring more functionality to improve upon it’s predecessor while

Visions of Zosimos goes to IndiGoGo
Forever Interactive prepares for their trip to Gen Con in August. As they do, they have started up a public crowdfunding campaign over at IndieGogo. Visions of Zosimos is a unique game that brings

Exile Online: First Kickstarter Campaign
    Dan Anderson and his team are focusing this Kickstarter on the raising of funds to bring the graphics within the game up to their goals and improve even more the programming that has already been

HeroEngine Update Quartz.k
HeroEngine Update Quartz.k (2.6.18186) was released today with success. This update includes the preparations for our big update coming this summer. Several things were update client side, and much

HeroEngine Sale: A Big Thank you!
    Our Anniversary sale is over, We want to thank everyone that joined the HeroEngine Community. Thank you for all the support! We want to recognize the many promising projects starting up and some

HeroEngine Source Sale
Idea Fabrik is celebrating our 5th anniversary of the release of HeroCloud, our real-time online collaborative Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Virtual World development platform, by announcing a

Sales are back online
We are happy to announce that HeroCloud and HeroEngine sales were back online 3 days early. Our first sales of the New Year was the 28th. Please help to spread the word!

HeroEngine Update Quartz.j
We will be releasing the HeroEngine Quartz.J update to the HeroCloud servers on Thursday September 24 starting at 10 am ET.  We expect the downtime to be approximately 4-6 hours and we will post as