Licensing Options Available for Every Budget

We’ve got two licensing models – a cloud hosted solution and a source code license.

HeroCloud: HeroEngine in the Cloud, ONLY $99 a year

If you are a small team that wants to be freed from the chores of managing servers and a network and stay focused on building and creating your game, the HeroCloud subscription licensing option is for you.

HeroCloud is a complete system for developing and launching any online game.

Beginning at just $99 a year, HeroCloud includes access to the all of HeroEngine, the leading platform for online game development.  Your team is issued a set of accounts and passwords and you download the HeroBlade toolset to access your online world.  No matter where your team members are located, whether in the same room or around the world, they meet in your world to work together to build your online world.

HeroCloud significantly reduces the cost of developing an online game.

We host your server in the cloud for free, during development and when your game goes live.  No need to build separate operations team.

Once you are ready to launch your world to your customers, HeroCloud takes care of the details.  Included in the yearly fee, we provide integrated billing options to instantly accept credit cards and other payment options. You’ll also have a console to monitor your usage and performance, and the ability to add and remove servers as needed.

You’ll also get access to our constantly updated forums, wiki and tutorials.  You can also purchase any of the available reference worlds as a starting point for your own game. Contact sales for more information.

Once (or if) your game is published and begins making money, we keep 30% of revenue.

Ready to get started? Sign-up today. Still have questions? Read more about HeroCloud.


 HeroEngine Source Code

If you’re interested in just the HeroEngine source code, we have various licensing models available depending on your financial needs.  The basic HeroEngine source code license is $75,000 with a 7% revenue share. Contact us for more information.