HeroEngine RoadMap


HeroEngine roadmap


HeroEngine Roadmap

Below is a list of major milestones that we have been working on, in cooperation with the HeroEngine Community. Some of these tasks we started last winter. Please note that there are no specific delivery dates, because we are a small but highly dedicated team, some tasks may take longer than others; which is the nature of agile development. Nonetheless, we want to share with you the progress of what we have been working on.


Basic Information

2017-2018 Milestone and Progress

 plugins directx   This past year we are focused on updating the DirectX and Render Engine. Though this is a long process it is actually in the works by our talented engineers.

    The current primary focus is the ongoing updates to several components as we are working on DirectX11 and more. New updates coming out the first half of this year are focused on server upgrades, performance, final code cleanup, and of course, finishing the DX11.

    Long term milestones are also in the works. Once these updates are out, we will begin the final development on the new render engine. This means easier (less work on your part) to obtain top end graphics for an MMO. 

    Keep checking back to view the progress. On average this page will be updated monthly. Possibly more often depending upon major milestone completion or adding an additional milestone to the list.

    Due to the updates with D3D11 and changes in Max/Maya 2017 and 2018 we have included Granny3d and Maya/Max support for 2017-2018 and beyond in the Milestones. The focus of supporting our clients along with the updates is important to us. Thank you to all the testers that have helped us along the way!

HeroEngine Updates:
HeroBlade 1st Update:   100%
HeroBlade 2nd Update:   100%
HeroBlade 3rd Update:   100%
HeroBlade 4th Update:   90%
Client Web Tools:   45%
Render and Graphics:
Granny 3d Update:   90%
Maya/Max 2017-2018:
Granny 3d Update:   10%
Render Engines Testing:   100%
Render Code Review:   100%
Alpha Sorting Update:   15%
D3D11/DX 11:
DirectX 11 Update:   100%
D3D 11 Integration:   100%
Physics Update:   100%
Shader Update:   99%
D3D 11 BetaTest:   70%
D3D 11 Testing:   90%
Web Updates:
Forum Updates:   99%
Forum Migration & Test:   20%
Wiki Updates:   10%
HeroEngineGames.com Update:   20%
Web Account updates:   75%
Hero Market:
Hero Market Alpha:   99%
Hero Market Alpha Assets:   95%
Hero Market Testing:   50%

Change Log:

02 January, 2018:  Updated HeroBlade 4th update: 85% -> 90%, Render & Graphics, Granny Update: 05%-> 90%, Maya/Max, Granny Update: 5% -> 10%, Web Updates, Web account Updates: 75%-90%
Adjusted: Fixed Physics Update bar

20 December, 2017:  Added: Granny Update, Max/Maya support | Adjusted: HeroBlade 4th Update 75->85%, Alpha Sorting Update 5->15%, Physics Update 90->100%, D3D 11 BetaTest 20->70%, D3D 11 Testing 80->90%, Web Account updates 55->75%

14 September, 2017:  Adjusted: HeroBlade 3rd Update ->100%, Alpha Sorting Update ->5%, Physics Update ->90%, D3D 11 BetaTest ->20%, D3D 11 Testing ->80%, Web Account updates ->55%

10 July, 2017:  Adjusted: HeroBlade 3rd Update: 5%-> 75% Render Code Review: 55% -> 100%,     D3D11/DX 11: 95% -> 100%,     D3D 11 Integration: 90%-> 100%,     Physics Update: 40%-> 90%,     D3D 11 BetaTest: 15% -> 20%,     D3D 11 Testing: 60% -> 80%,     Removed New Website

26 March, 2017:  Updated intro, HE 2nd Update, HE 3rd update added, Added Alpha Sorting, D3D update, Web account Updates, Added HeroEngineGames.com update, Forum Updates, Forum Migration


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  Last Updated: 02 Jan, 2018