Manage your business as well as your game

The HeroCloud is also a complete business solution for online game development

Removing all the risk and cost from online game development

One solution to build and operate your game

HeroCloud has everything you need to make your game.  By licensing world-class middleware technologies, we’ve reduced your up-front cost of game development technology to essentially zero. Your only cost to us kicks in when your games start making you money – at that point, you’ll share 30% of your revenues with us.  We’ll continue to provide servers, and operations support even after you ship your game.

Integrated project management tools

Dream manager, bug tracking and HeroEngine notes let’s you keep track of progress and delegate tasks. Mark up and annotate a specific area to instantly link to an area that needs attention.

Tap into our existing community

When your game is ready to publish, you’ll be tapping into our existing player base to help launch your game to success. While making your game, learn from our growing community of developers. Additional resources via educational blog posts, video tutorials and more.

Distribute your game any way you want

Build any kind of online game, and distribute it how you’d like – via stand-alone client, web browser or Facebook. Simple iOS client interfaces are available to Source Code licensees.

Marketing & investment options

Once your game is in alpha, we’ve got ways to help you market your game and options for 3rd party investment to help insure you’re on the road to success.

HeroCloud is Here!