The Ultimate Online Game Development Platform

Making an MMORPG, or any other kind of online game? HeroCloud gives you everything you need to not just build your game, but also operate and distribute it once it's live.

Create Professional Games With One Solution

Full access to HeroEngine hosted in the cloud, along with integrated global billing and distribution platforms. Once your game is live, keep 70% of game revenues.

Focus On Making Your Game, Not the Back-End

Operating the back-end is expensive and costly. Not to mention, involves a ton of server expertise. For just $99 a year, let HeroCloud take care of the back-end, while you and your team focus on making the next epic MMO.

Get Your Game Live Faster

We've had teams publish their online games in less than 15 months, start to finish. No downtime -- everything you build works instantly. Log in from anywhere and build your game in your own online world.

Your Game Published Your Way

Via stand-alone executable client, streaming or social media client or web browser. You choose pricing and distribution partners. We make it work for you!

HeroCloud is Here!