HeroCloud Integrates SpeedTree for Games v6 for an All-In-One Game Development Solution 

SpeedTree for Games v6 to provide HeroCloud game developers with a professional solution for adding realistic animated trees and foliage seamlessly into their games. 

LONDON – November 15, 2012 –Idea Fabrik (Boerse Berlin GB00B61CVK31, TI4.BE) has announced integration with SpeedTree® for Games v6, the industry’s premier foliage middleware product, for its cloud hosted online game development platform, HeroCloud.  SpeedTree 6 will be fully integrated with HeroEngine 2, which is due for release at the end of November; more details of which will be released soon.   [Read More]

Idea Fabrik Integrates Awesomium With Popular 3D Game Development Platform, HeroCloud

LONDON – September 26, 2012 –Idea Fabrik (Boerse Berlin GB00B61CVK31, TI4.BE) has announced integration with Awesomium for its cloud hosted online game development platform, HeroCloud.   Awesomium is a key new partner for the HeroCloud platform and will allow for seamless integration of critical in-game systems.

HeroCloud offers game developers on tight budgets low cost access to the HeroEngine as part of an all-in-one solution for building, operating and monetizing 3D online games. HeroEngine is the technology solution used by triple-A game studios making MMO’s and other online games. More than 7,000 game projects are already using the technologies, including BioWare, the creators of ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic.’ [Read More]


iLogos and Idea Fabrik Establish Strategic Partnership for Creation of 3d Game Objects for HeroEngine and HeroCloud 

COLOGNE – August 16, 2012 – Leaders of the game development industry are joining their efforts to create unique technologies and innovative solutions. Idea Fabrik PLC (Boerse Berlin GB00B61CVK31, TI4.BE), the company behind HeroEngine and HeroCloud, the well-known technologies for developing multi-player 3D games, and iLogos, Europe’s leading company for game development and game graphics services, have announced the establishment of a strategic partnership that will create a critical time- and effort-saving resource for game developers. The partnership will produce high-quality 3D objects and 3D graphics across a variety of game genres and will allow for seamless transition of these ready-made assets into the engine, effectively reducing the time, cost and effort for making an online game. [Read more]


Major MMO Game Launches Create Surge of Interest in Online Game Development 

HeroEngine Attracts Thousands of New Licensees

LONDON – Feb. 22, 2012 – The recent launch of several successful massively multiplayer online (MMO) games has fueled an accelerated  interest in MMO game development, according to Idea Fabrik Plc. (Boerse Berlin symbol GB00B61CVK31, TI4.BE), creators of the HeroEngine, an integrated platform for online game development and operation.

Since the start of 2012, the company has experienced a sharp increase in the already strong and steady growth of developers subscribing to its HeroCloud service offering.  HeroCloud is a hosted system for developing 3D online games including role-playing (RPG), first-person shooters (FPS), social and casual games.

Neil Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Idea Fabrik said, “In January we have been inundated with thousands of inquiries from studios, large and small, more than in any other period in the company’s existence. The number of developers’ licenses to create games on the HeroEngine is now more than 5,000. The increase in interest in online game development has been fueled by the excitement about successful launches last year of MMO games from EA and from Trion Worlds.” [Read more]

HeroEngine Technology, Critical To Game Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Launch Now Used By Thousands of Game Developers

LONDON – January 16, 2012  On December 20, 2011 the highly anticipated game from Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA)/BioWare™, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, was released to the wider public. Importantly, this also marks the first release of a major game built using the HeroEngine™, an integrated development platform for building online games.

The HeroEngine originally was designed with huge multiplayer scalable games such as the Star Wars MMO in mind.  BioWare made its decision to build this complex, large scale game on the HeroEngine foundation because of its superior, integrated offering of development tools that provide live collaborative development and real-time updates, dramatically streamlining the process of building online games. [Read more]

HeroCloud Now Provides Essential Middleware To Game Developers

Now Includes Cost of Five Key Technologies Critical to Game Delivery

LONDON – August, 2011 – Idea Fabrik (GB00B61CVK31, TI4.F) today announced that five powerful industry-standard technologies are now bundled together with HeroCloud, its proprietary platform for building and distributing online games.  The middleware includes:

  1. Technology from RAD Game Tools: System for importing and utilizing 3D models and animations
  2. FMOD from Firelight Technologies: Programming library and toolkit for the creation and playback of interactive audio
  3. SpeedTree from Interactive Data Visualization: Tree modeling system that generates virtual foliage
  4. FaceGen from Singular Inversions: Allows game makers to create human faces based on statistical models
  5. Umbra: Frame rate and performance optimization technology for graphics occlusion

HeroCloud is a service that includes HeroEngine, the world’s only collaborative online game design platform and the most complete system for building multiplayer online games, that provides embedded server hosting and bandwidth, and access to global billing systems and social networks. [Read more]


Idea Fabrik Reaches Milestone in Growth of Online Game Development and Distribution Platform

LONDON – July 8, 2011 – Idea Fabrik Plc. (GB00B61CVK31, TI4.F) today announced that it has reached the important milestone of 500 development studios on the pre-subscription waiting list for HeroCloud full release scheduled for mid August.  This is in addition to the 160 studios already using HeroCloud on a pre-release basis for building games.

HeroCloud is a unique, proprietary fully integrated software platform that allows developers to create and market online games both for the Internet and for social networks. [Read more]


Idea Fabrik Announces First 100 Studios In Early-Access Program for HeroCloud

LONDON – June 15, 2011 – Idea Fabrik Plc. (GB00B61CVK31, TI4.F) today announced the first 100 game development studios have been admitted into HeroCloud in an Early-Access program for its new integrated platform for social and online game development.

“Interest in the program has been overwhelming and demand has exceeded our early expectations, with hundreds of studios applying for access,” Neil Harris, President of US operations and COO of Idea Fabrik. “We selected a diverse group of developers ranging from 5 to 25 man teams.  This way the early access program provides us with the widest range of feedback to better meet the needs of all types of developers.” All 100 Studios were carefully screened for their game development experience. In the coming weeks more studios that have already applied will receive access to the HeroCloud platform. [Read more]

HeroEngine to Power Creation of New Sci-Fi MMO

Gaithersburg, MD – March 17, 2010 – Simutronics today announced a new licensing agreement for its groundbreaking HeroEngine with developer Pitchblack Games. The Chandler, Arizona based developer is currently developing a next-gen sci-fi massively multiplayer online game . HeroEngine, chosen for its ability to provide a collaborative development environment, enables Pitchblack Games to develop its MMO in real-time from multiple locations across the globe.  [Read more]

3D Virtual World, Habituales to Bring Study Abroad Online with Spanish Language and Culture Education

MARCH 9, 2010 – GAITHERSBURG, MD – Simutronics today announced that enne entertainment studios has licensed HeroEngine for Habituales (current working title), a virtual world focused on Spanish language education. HeroEngine will provide enne entertainment studios with the collaborative tools to bring this immersive experience to life quickly. [Read more]

HeroEngine Licensed for Diverse Online 3D Development Projects, Simutronics Reorganizes to Support Growth

GAITHERSBURG, MD – FEBRUARY 16, 2010 – Simutronics today announced that the company is reorganizing into two divisions, HeroEngine and Simutronics Games. HeroEngine has seen an increase in adoption among studios of all sizes for projects ranging from games to government applications as development teams seek faster, more collaborative tools for delivering 3D online worlds on time and budget. To focus further on HeroEngine innovation and support for licensees, Simutronics promoted Neil Harris to President, HeroEngine and Herb Marselas as Vice President, Engineering. David Whatley, CEO, takes on the role of President, Simutronics Games. [Read more]