HeroEngine was created because there were no existing technologies to support our unique style of realtime collaborative development for MMO games. We originally created this process for our text-based MMO games back in the 1980s and 1990s leading to huge success with GemStone and DragonRealms, games that hugely influenced the MMO world. Once the rest of the world saw HeroEngine they wanted it too, which led us to license our technology to BioWare, ZeniMax Online, and many other companies worldwide.

Our HeroCloud service was launched in 2011 and removes all the business barriers to online game development.  With no up-front costs as well as covering the costs associated with running the game online, HeroCloud provides full access to HeroEngine, hosting, bandwidth, and access to billing and marketing systems in return for a 30% revenue share. More than 1,000 game developers are now using the HeroEngine in the HeroCloud Early Access program, with thousands more waiting to receive full-release access. The service is expected to be fully released by the end of 2011.

In 2010 HeroEngine was acquired by Idea Fabrik Plc.

HeroEngine has offices in Gaithersburg, MD (near Washington DC), in St. Charles, MO, and in Cyberspace.