The Repopulation makes headway on Beta release

The Repopulation makes headway on Beta release

The Repopulation recently released it's May 2013 update, announcing some bug fixes as it nears the start of its Beta cycle. According to Josh Halls, co-creator and lead developer of the new MMO, the studio recently began the Alpha two stage and spent May working on features of the "rogue" class, as well as a wide variety of improv‚Äčements to world environments and the game's mission system.

The improvements to mission chaining, selection, event notification and prop interaction will serve to improve the player experience while questing, and the studio spent time working on mission templates in general, focusing on making the entire system work more smoothly.

Other improvements, from pathfinding to unique spatter generation, were also implemented in May, while the developers work hard to bring the game into its Beta phase. In a recent interview with, Halls discussed resource acquisition and crafting in the game. He went on to discuss nation building and control elements of the game, one of the more unique features The Repopulation offers.

The Repopulation offers a unique new approach to MMORPG's by incorporating sandbox game elements with more traditional MMO ideas. Moving away from a level system and the combat-based stereotype, the game focuses on skills and the world, engaging players through the environment and social aspects rather than a push to end game. Currently in Alpha phase two, The Repopulation is inviting small groups of players into the game to thoroughly test, while pushing to Alpha phase three. As of early June, the testing focus is on player versus environment aspects of the game, with player versus player taking a back seat currently.

The Repopulation utilizes the powerful HeroEngine game engine and development platform, and will be bringing a new genre of MMO in Q4 2013, estimated release date.

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