So you’re an indie developer, what’s next?

So you're an indie developer, what next?

Going independent is a major step for game developers, yet many are taking the plunge these days. However, simply making a name for yourself then declaring that you're independent doesn't quite cut it – there are other aspects of being an indie developer that need to be considered as well. Derek Yu, a contributor for Gamasutra, recently discussed this very topic.

Account to Yu, being an indie game developer really means just two things – you don't have a publisher and you're a small studio. It doesn't mean you didn't go to school and it doesn't mean you make low-quality games, nor does it imply anything about the type of games that you make. It simply means that you're trying to go it alone, and that is enough of a challenge.

For indie game developers to "make it big," there are things to consider – primarily a lack of funding. While Kickstarter and other crowdfunding solutions are becoming more popular, you may still be running on a tight budget. Reducing costs wherever possible will help you still make the game you always wanted without sacrificing marketing or other "afterthoughts." By investing in a high-quality, low-cost game engine, a developer can significantly reduce expenses in one fell swoop, and still have an excellent game development platform to work with.

HeroEngine provides the platform, if you have the ideas and guts to go forward with your independent project. By investing in HeroEngine​, you can gain all of the tools necessary to create a high-quality PC game and facilitate workflow through versatile back-end infrastructure. Don't let a budget stand in the way of your dreams – take the time to invest in the tools that will get the job done without unnecessary expenditures.

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