Nearly half of developers looking at crowdfunding

Nearly half of developers looking at crowdfunding

In a survey of around 2,500 developers who attended the Game Developers Conference in 2012 or who plan to attend this year, 44 percent said they are looking into crowdfunding a game. The survey was intended to examine current trends in game development and covered a broad range of topics. However, one of the most notable discoveries was that nearly half of developers are looking into crowdfunding, and about 8 percent have already worked on a crowdfunded project. About 4 percent of respondents noted that crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter were their primary source of financing.

Despite the impressive interest in Kickstarter and crowdfunding within the community, many potential backers are beginning to grow leery of such projects. According to Gamasutra, video games simply aren’t the most appealing projects on Kickstarter and similar sites like IndieGoGo. Not only is the “market” oversaturated with video game projects, software projects are significantly more difficult to get tangible results from when compared to other categories such as physical product designs. The problem is that for a software project like a video game, the funding more or less pays the salaries of those involved, while for more physical crowdfunding projects, the funds often solely go towards manufacturing, allowing for a much faster turnaround.

While this doesn’t mean that a Kickstarter campaign can’t be successful, it does indicate that developers need to put more into their campaign to draw in an audience these days. Take a more involved approach and consider these tips on succeeding with crowdfunding that we discussed recently. With the right planning and approach, a video game project can still be successful – you just have to remember that there is a lot of competition, so make your campaign stand out.

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